How to build a portfolio website with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Source: Santosh Arron's GitHub

A freelancer's (or business's) portfolio website is an extension of their resume. It gives potential customers an easy method to see your work and gives you the chance to highlight your abilities and offerings. But a portfolio website's main goal isn't to showcase your work.

A portfolio website's main goal is to give you a chance to get additional customers, whether those clients are for freelancing work, more business for your agency, or a job at a corporation. Before adding material to your website, you should establish what you want to achieve with it.

Online portfolios are no longer restricted to specific professions or businesses. An online portfolio will undoubtedly improve your exposure and presence. Having a professional online presence is more vital than ever. Making a website for your portfolio enables you to simply share and present your work to potential employers.

There are many competent specialists around. How therefore can your potential customer realize that you are a top-tier individual? The only option is to temporarily put everything on hold and begin building your internet profile because:

  • Compared to a CV, a portfolio website better and more clearly conveys your professionalism and commitment to the trade. Instead of merely telling, you provide concrete instances and scenarios that speak loudly. Additionally, thanks to the portfolio website, you may demonstrate your intelligent and mature approach to marketing both yourself and your work.
  • The only digital place where everything is up to you is your portfolio. With original material, you may build a platform that has never been seen before and establish a distinctive brand that matches your vision. Your inner creativity may go far beyond any clichés with a private portfolio website.
  • Your availability and searchability will increase with an online portfolio. It enables potential employers to locate you as soon as they decide to use a search engine or begin browsing applicant files.
  • A web-based portfolio humanizes you as a true expert in your field. People come to you because they like you, not just because you are an excellent web designer, marketer, or copywriter. It's a clever psychological ploy, you know. Customers are more inclined to select vendors that appear to be nicer, "likable," and approachable than others. Hard talents, however, are frequently taken into account afterward.

With all the information concerning website platforms, goals, characteristics, etc., you must feel overwhelmed. Simply get the thought out of your brain. Actually, there isn't anything challenging.

You are already in the driver's seat if you work as a web designer or developer. All you need to do is compile your experiences into one place and begin developing and designing, which is what you typically do for a living.

But if you weren't as fortunate and didn't have a lot of good fortune, it doesn't matter. You shouldn't be concerned if you don't know the fundamentals of creating a website from start.
The easiest website builder should be chosen. Carefully follow the instructions in this article to create your free online portfolio. Additionally, you can be confident that using Weblium and benefiting from its extensive capabilities will make obtaining a high-quality portfolio more than simple.

I should also say something else that is significant. It's essential to start by identifying the goal of your portfolio when you're intending to establish one. What point are you trying to make? Would you like to get to know your customers better or are you only interested in making a sale?

Are you prepared to share the process, challenges, and failures associated with your work on the blog? Do you want to get employed and trade in your independent work for a conventional job, or do you want to continue being "a lone wolf"? Do you want to introduce yourself to everyone on the planet?

Whatever your goals, always keep in mind that it is interesting content that makes your online web portfolio stand out and be convincing enough to elicit a response.