The Wonderful World of ENA, and Why You Should Watch it.

It is not often in the art of writing and media that a piece manages to balance both the nonsensical and rational while maintaining the illogical hilarity that exists within the creator’s heart. Today, I’ve chosen to shine the spotlight on a piece of art that accomplishes such, and in quite an elegantly witty way. With another installment in the series on its way, I feel there is no better time to celebrate this work of art so that others may join me in diving headfirst into another modern masterpiece. By the end of this piece, I hope that I will have either convinced you to watch it in its entirety or provided a new perspective through which you can find even more joy in its story.

ENA, by Joel Guerra, is a collection of three beautifully written bizarre adventures that march to the drum of an equally odd soundtrack. The story follows the antics of Ena and Moony, a ditzy dichromatic duo who, through gibberish alone, deliver a narrative that has deeply touched my heart. ENA boasts a diverse cast of characters who, as a whole, fabricate a hilarious world and story that almost resemble a playground game of pretending. Joel provides the viewer with a deeply emotional and meaningful journey while maintaining the abstract qualities that make ENA so wonderfully unique. The sum of these parts seems to me to be an endearing love letter to the internet, another mess of stochastic noise and gibberish that, like ENA, somehow manages to be something beautiful in all of its weird complexity.

It is not often that you find abstract art that doesn’t feel as if it is working too hard to be abstract. ENA is practically the opposite of such; its silliness and surrealist nature seemingly come with ease. Another essential element of abstraction in art is its ability to function as a Rorschach Test; allowing the viewer to impart meaning, connections, and significance upon the work is critical. When we consider this, it becomes no surprise that ENA has accrued a following of fans from nearly every corner of the internet because ENA has accomplished all of those things and then some, a fantastic emergent property of its amorphous structure.

But what good is a Rorschach test if I don’t give at least some insight into what I see? ENA to me represents the beauty in naivety and cluelessness, a passion piece written for the child and the jester in all of us. In ENA’s universe, these are written as strengths, tools of social good, and means of finding one’s way through life even when it’s the road less realized. Not out of courage, but out of a complete lack of understanding of what the hell is going on.

Stay silly, Ena.