Animated Slider

Animation and movement is a huge part of today’s modern WordPress websites. A moving effect is great to catch the visitor’s attention and make the website stand out of the crowd. There are various effects you can use on your WordPress site. Below you can find which slider animations are available in Smart Slider 3. Of course you can also find visual examples to understand every WordPress animation better.

Main Slider Animation
It’s a known fact that an attractive WordPress animation can catch the visitor’s eyes. But sometimes, they’re far more impressive than the actual story, so it’s better to find a balance there. Impressive 2D and 3D animations look nice and professional on your site. Just be sure to you choose them carefully. But sometimes, you don’t need such fancy transitions. Sometimes, you just want your slides to have a clear and simple animation. These are the times when you should consider choosing a Main animation. You can find them at the Slider settings page, on the General tab.

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